Best avocado toast in town.

Fresh Avocado Toast: A Local Favorite Best avocado toast in town.

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Coconut Fried Chicken

With 6 strips & honey mustard dressing.

Penne from Heaven

Penne pasta, chicken, bacon,green onion & cream sauce.

David's Fried Chicken Salad

Coconut fried chicken, mixed greens, jack & cheddar cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, chopped egg, fresh avocado & honey mustard dressing.

Coconut Fried Chicken Dinner

Coconut-breaded chicken tenders, loaded smashed potatoes, butter fondue broccoli & honey mustard dressing.

Love Me Tender

Tenderloin medallions, garlic Parmesan butter, jack & cheddar cheese on a grilled roll.

Choose Any Two

Choose any half Salad and half Sandwich from our listed items. To substitute your Salad or Sandwich for Soup, add $0.50, or get all three! Your Choice!

Avocado Toast: A Delicious Cafe Staple

Avocado Toast: A Delicious Cafe Staple
Indulge in our creamy avocado toast. Savor the rich, buttery avocado spread atop crusty, artisanal bread. Our avocado toast is a local favorite, topped with ripe cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of zesty lime juice. It's the perfect blend of freshness and flavor for a delightful brunch or snack.

Avocado Toast: Order for Pickup or Delivery

Avocado Toast: Order for Pickup or Delivery
Craving avocado toast? Order for pickup or delivery! Enjoy this cafe favorite in the comfort of your home. We offer convenient pickup options for those on the go, and speedy delivery for a cozy night in. Try our classic avocado toast or spice it up with added toppings like poached eggs or smoked salmon.

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